30. May 2011, unter Zuckerfilm News
Star producer Roland Pellegrino adapts children’s book for film with Zuckerfilm

Zuckerfilm  will adapt the children’s book „Das war der Hirbel“ by Peter Härtling into a film.  For this project famous producer Roland Pellegrino will be on the side of the Zuckerfilmers as the executive producer.

“Hirbel” is a weird oddball.  He often has headaches and bawls for seemingly unknown reasons.  Even though he is already ten he looks like he is six.  His mother repeatedly promises him to visit him in the children’s home but hardly ever does.

Most of the other children in the children’s home and also the caretakers are afraid of his pranks.

The character of Hirbel, who Peter Härtling lets experience the wildest and most fantastic adventures in his book, has already thrilled both young and old in the 70ies.  The book has been translated into 17 different languages, issued in 14 editions, and sold over 500,000 copies.  Among a multitude of records, it has won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis award.  And as it already has been one of our favorite bedtime stories since back then, a zuckerfilmy adaption was more than just self-evident.

At the beginning of the year, we acquired the rights from Peter Härtling.  Now we can announce a further milestone in the conception phase of this special project.  Renowned producer Roland Pellegrino will accompany us as executive producer and senior partner in the fantasy worlds of the children’s home kid “Hirbel”.

Also, further preparations for the financing and realization of this children’s book content are moving into high gear!




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