30. May 2011, unter Zuckerfilm News
Sparrow mail: Zuckerfilm at the Kinder-Medien-Festival

In the scope of our research of our children’s book film adaptation “Der Hirbel” we have attended the Kinder-Medien-Festival “Golden Spatz” in Gera and Erfurt, Germany from the 22nd to the 27th of May.

We took advantage of the possibilities of the festival to obtain insight into the production of childrens films.  In doing so, we have learned a lot and have also personally met the “Spatz” (Sparrow). It has been especially pleasing for us to make new contacts there and to make our idea known a bit with the hopes of making our own contribution to the festival in the next year.

Zuckerfilm now has a clear goal.  With “Hirbel” we want to produce an ‘intellectual challenge on eye level with children’.

A+ for the “Goldener Spatz” and the very, very nice and helpful people who participated in this festival!  We will be back, if you let us.

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